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Advantages of Sharing A 2 Bedroom Apartment with a Friend

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Some of the great things about sharing an apartment with someone are the opportunities for good times, with great company and many happy memories to be made. And, if you happen to be sharing your place with someone you were best friends with already, then this has to be a bonus too.

If you’re considering finding a place to live with one of your besties then there are some great advantages of sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend.

Check out some of the points below:

Queen Street Quarters Top Tips for Moving in with a Friend

  • Save on cost – if you’re sharing the rent, it means more chance of finding a nicer place to live. Not only could you save on money, but you could have an apartment or flat with a whole host of added luxuries which are now within your budget. This may include out heated indoor pool, sauna and gym.
  • You’re close already – the fact that you’re friends already comes with a series of benefits. Not only will you know them inside and out, so, there should be no hidden shocks, but you already know you get on well and can trust them around your things.
  • No hassle finding a flatmate – because they’re already there. You don’t need to spend time putting adverts in the right places and interviewing potential flatmates. And you won’t be going into things blind, because, again, you already know that you get on with them, which is a great start.
  • Have fun – you’ve already had some good times with them in the past, now is the time to have lots more. If you’re based near to some of your favourite bars, restaurants and other things you love to do, then all the better.
  • Company – you know that you’ll always have someone to talk to, if you need them – and hopefully you’ll know each other well enough by now to spot when you need some alone time too.
  • Be open and honest – the fact that you’re friends should mean you can do some straight talking when it’s needed. So there’s no pussy footing around if something becomes a problem, as you should already be good at communicating with each other.
  • Your friendship could grow – there’s nothing like living with someone to really get to know them well.  Your friendship could take on a whole new level of depth and meaning.

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When choosing to live with a friend it’s an important decision to make and one which must be talked through and planned well to ensure it’s going to be a great move. This way, all you need to do is look forward to some absolutely awesome times ahead.

If you’re looking for two bedroom apartments to share with a friend or partner, then at Queen Street we have some lovely ones to choose from. And the bonus is that they’re located in a part of Leicester city centre that’s perfect for having fun with friends. Not only that, but they come with some great facilities, such as a sauna, swimming pool and gym for you both to enjoy.

Make the most of the chance to live with someone you get on well with already and get in touch with us today.

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