Furnished Apartments to rent in Leicester - Queen Street Quarter

Furnished Apartments to rent in Leicester

Furnished Apartments to rent in Leicester

A rented Apartment can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on where it is, who will be living in it, when it’s needed by, what the budget is and how often it will be used.

They can also come as furnished, unfurnished or even part furnished options, which means the tenant can put as much, or as little, of their own stamp and personality on the property as they need.

It always pays to go for a place that has everything you’re looking for and it’s even better if it looks awesome, has some good communal facilities and is in a great location too.

At the Queen Street Quarter we offer furnished Apartments to rent in Leicester that are perfect for mature students, young professionals and anyone who is looking for attractive accommodation in a smart, city centre location. And the fact that you’ll get the use of your own swimming pool, fitness suite and sauna is a pretty attractive bonus too.

But, while we have flats that come as furnished and unfurnished options, what makes renting a furnished flat such an excellent choice?

What Are The Advantages Of A Furnished Apartment?

The main benefit of renting a furnished flat is the convenience. The fact that you don’t have to shell out for tons of new furniture (especially if it’s your first time away from your folks or other half, because that can be pretty expensive).

There’s no massive effort to move all your stuff either because the heavy lifting bit has already been done. And, as well as saving on the cost of buying new furniture, such as beds, wardrobes and large kitchen appliances, there will be no huge transportation costs for the stuff you already have.

Often people choose to rent a furnished flat if they aren’t planning to stay there a long time. Because in this case, they aren’t fussed about spending time making it their own, only to have to leave it and start again a short time later.

Instead they might prefer the convenient, money saving option of having a pleasant home ready made for them to move into. This option also becomes attractive if you want to move in quickly and don’t have the time to unpack lots of boxes.

Queen Street Quarter Offer Furnished Apartments

The contemporary décor and stylish designs that are a delightful part of this converted 19th century knitwear factory means that whether you choose to go for furnished or unfurnished, you’re bound to love where you’re living at the Queen Street Quarter.

The interiors of our furnished flats have been lovingly put together and laid out in a way that beautifully complements the style of the building. And the furniture which is in place is all attractive, thoughtfully chosen and well taken care of, so that it will feel like home the minute you move in.

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If you would like to come and find out more about the options available to you when you want to rent a furnished apartment in Leicester, then come and pay us a visit to see what a lovely range of properties we have to offer.

Get in touch with our friendly team or book your viewing online today. We look forward to showing you around!

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