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Top 5 reasons to live in Leicester’s cultural quarter!

When you work hard all week, the last thing you want is to be bored in the evenings or stuck for ideas at the weekend. And neither do you want to have to drive miles to find stuff to do. That has got to be one of the greatest things about Leicester’s Cultural Quarter – the endless supply of things there are to make the slog of the working week so very worthwhile.

And as we are lucky enough to be located right in the heart of all of it, we’ve got a good idea about some of the best things to do, so here are our top 5 reasons to live in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

Our top 5!

Curve Theatre

The spectacular state-of-the-art Curve Theatre is based in the heart of the vibrant Cultural Quarter and was opened in 2008 by HM The Queen. This award-winning building is pretty much still brand spanking new and the productions are out of this world – especially in the run up to Christmas. If you’ve got young children or just love the whole theatre experience, it’s a theatre which is unique to the UK as it has no traditional backstage area, meaning that audiences can have a peek behind the scenes and maybe even spot an actor or two. Get ready to reignite or discover your love of the theatre right here!


After you’ve had a fabulous night out at the theatre, or maybe even just before, it’s always a lovely treat to enjoy a tasty meal while you’re at it. So, if you’re in and around the cultural quarter – and especially if you live nearby, there are loads of gorgeous restaurants to choose from that are just a stone’s throw away.

Leicester is renowned for it’s wealth of culture and with that comes some great tasting food from around the world. If Chinese is your thing, check out the likes of the stylish 19 Gale restaurant, or for delicious Indian food, there’s Chutney Ivy. Nearby you can get some delicious Italian food from Altro Mondo, or for a splash of fizz, over on Granby Street there’s Mr Bojangles Champagne Bar and Restaurant.

So very near to town

While the Cultural Quarter has more than its fair share of arts and culture, whether it’s theatre or fine dining that you enjoy, the great thing about its location is that it’s so near to the heart of Leicester city centre too. So, if you find yourself in the Cultural Quarter, the likes of the Highcross Shopping Centre is very close for a spot of retail therapy, not to mention even more fantastic restaurants to choose from and all the sports grounds are extremely close by too.

Phoenix Cinema and Digital Arts Centre

The Phoenix, which is also located in Leicester’s cultural quarter is the place to be for independent cinema, art and digital culture.

The two cinema screens show everything from micro-budget independent films to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and the venue also offers the chance to experience regular festivals and events.

Nights out

Some of the best bars and music venues are located in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter too, so if you like the sound of beer festivals and cocktail bars or maybe the odd jazz night or bit of cabaret, then it’s a great place to take in.

Stay in the heart of Leicester

There really isn’t much you can’t find to do in Leicester city centre, especially in the Cultural Quarter, so if you’re looking for a fun night out, somewhere great to eat or a cool way to while away your weekend, it’s a good place to start.

If you love it like we do and choose to go one step further by staying in the heart of Leicester, we have some great state of the art accommodation to match all of the excellent stuff there is to do. And it means you won’t have to take your car or a cab on a night out, because its just a short stroll away.

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