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10 Tips on Renting a Flat in Leicester

Renting a flat in Leicester is hard! Finding the perfect place, sorting out the paperwork and then moving itself – it can be very stressful. Here at Queen Street Apartments, we aim to make this process as simple as possible.

These are our top 10 tips on Renting a Flat in Leicester;

1. When looking for a flat to rent in Leicester, make sure you make a list of essential things that you need within the area or need the property to have. This might be a local gym, an onsite car park, or a bus stop or train station nearby. Be prepared to be flexible with some items on your list.

2. Always view potential new flats. Pictures don’t show you everything you need to see! They’re only there to give you an idea.

3. When you’ve decided on a property, act fast. Have references in mind and provide their details, plus any other important information promptly. If you’re dragging your heels, the landlord may contact someone else waiting to move in.

4. Go through your inventory thoroughly. Your deposit being returned at the end of your tenancy often depends on the return of all items listed in the inventory. If there’s a mistake and you sign it, it’s up to you to sort it out.

5. Read your tenancy agreement thoroughly. It tells you what you’re entitled to as a tenant and also informs you of anything you should or shouldn’t be doing in the property.

6. Remember to cancel standing order/direct debits for rent, service charges etc and inform all the relevant people that you’re moving;

  • Bank/Building Society
  • Credit Card/Store Card Company
  • Employers
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • DVLA (driving licence)

7. Check the details regarding pre/post move cleaning. You don’t want to arrive at your flat expecting it to be clean only to find that it isn’t! Equally, it would be pretty annoying if, at the end of your tenancy, you were charged because the flat hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned.

8. Rethink certain services. Your previously ‘local gym’ might not be local anymore. Your membership may seem cheap, but take into account your increased commute there and back and it may work out more expensive. If you’re lucky, you may have an onsite gym.

9. When it comes to moving, be prepared. If you’re getting removals men in, ensure all your valuables are insured for transit.

10. Use the move as an excuse to clear out all that old stuff you don’t need anymore. Be ruthless. You may not have as much storage in your new flat, and you’re more than likely going to be paying to have it all moved; so if you can cut it down, do!

For more information on renting in Leicester, or to book a viewing at Queen Street Apartments, call one of our team on 0116 2629222 or alternatively, contact us here.

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