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A Brief Guide to King Richard 111 in Leicester

Leicester has an awful lot to be proud of. From its fine sporting prowess to its varied arts and culture, it’s a city packed full of history and heritage.

One major addition to this was the recent reburial of King Richard 111, after the discovery of his bones under a car park in the ruins of Leicester’s medieval Greyfriars in the city centre.

The royal find drew interest and excitement from people all over the world who wanted to find out more about the last Plantagenet King. As such, there are many locals who are able to give a brief guide to King Richard 111 in Leicester, because it’s an interesting and popular story to tell which ends with the King’s recent reinterment at Leicester Cathedral.

Who was he and why was he in Leicester

In August 1485, King Richard III had only been on the throne for two years, when he received news that Henry Tudor had landed in Wales, intent on claiming the English throne. As Henry moved eastwards, it was in Leicester, at the very heart of the country where Richard rallied his troops ready to do battle to protect his throne and people.

On Bosworth Battlefield in Leicestershire the two armies clashed in a bloody fight that became the last battle of the Wars of the Roses. The King rode out bravely to fight among his men, but was unfortunately killed, leaving Henry Tudor to become king. His body was buried by Franciscan monks in Leicester in an unceremonious burial and it was only in 2012 that the remains were discovered.

Final procession passed Queen Street

Once the bones were found and identified as being those of King Richard III, questions were asked about where the body should rightfully be reburied – in Leicester Cathedral, or York Minster – after all, Richard was the last King of the House of York, but yet he fell and was originally buried in Leicester.

Eventually it was decided to reinter his remains in Leicester and a procession took place through the county recently to mark the event. It was a tremendously exciting and historic occasion and we were particularly excited to be part of it as the final procession passed Queen Street. Residents were able to take a short stroll from their door to view the moment that many had travelled from all over the world to see and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

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