Medical student accommodation near Leicester Royal Infirmary - Queen Street Quarter

Medical student accommodation near Leicester Royal Infirmary

Leicester is a city renowned for its wealth of culture, arts and entertainment. The city is also a popular hotspot for anyone studying medicine, with Leicester University boasting one of the best medical schools in the UK.  If you’re looking for medical student accommodation near Leicester Royal Infirmary, take a look at the Queen Street apartments, which are conveniently located in the city centre for travel between the three Leicester hospitals, as well as being situated in the hub of all the fantastic cultural and artisan experiences that Leicester has to offer.

The apartments are just around the corner from the Leicester Train Station, which is a drop off point for the Hospital Hopper, that travels between the city’s three hospitals, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General and Glenfield General Hospital.

Additionally, if you love the fresh air and you like to get about on your own two feet, the location of the Queen Street apartments in the heart of the city centre means you don’t need to worry about driving or bussing it to the hospital and back, as they are situated just over a mile’s walk from the Leicester Royal Infirmary itself.

When you rent one of these furnished or unfurnished apartments, whatever time of day or night it is, there’s no worrying about bus timetables, because you can be sure that you have rented medical student accommodation near Leicester Royal Infirmary that’s just as easy to get to on foot, as well as being near to Leicester University on University Road, which is only a mile and a half away.

If you like to take your time and take in the sights, there are some lovely cycle routes and parks within the triangle that’s made up of the Queen Street apartments, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester University, in fact it’s probably one of the most picturesque parts of the city centre.

If you do have the time when you’re either walking or cycling to your destination, check out the stylish New Walk, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, De Montfort Hall and Victoria Park.

The recently built Queen Street apartments are also right in the middle of the city’s Central Arts and Cultural Quarter, offering you some great experiences, with gigs and nights out at venues such as the Curve Theatre, Phoenix independent cinema and art centre, or the Queen Charlotte – all of which are only a short walk from where you will be based.

Increasingly, a wide number of medical based professionals and those studying medicine, are seeing the great benefits of renting one of the Queen Street apartments. So, if you’re looking for medical student accommodation near the Leicester Royal Infirmary, you’re not only spoilt for choice on how to get there, but this, combined with the apartments’ state of the art, smart and stylish look, added benefits, such as a swimming pool, sauna, gym and fitness centre facilities, as well as 24 hour security, not to mention its affordability, makes it a great choice for students and professionals alike.

The train station is also a stone’s throw away if ever you want to visit home, although, with the amount of things going on around you to enjoy, this might not be at the forefront of your mind.

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