Med student accommodation Leicester - Queen Street Quarter

Med student accommodation Leicester

If you’ve secured a place studying medicine at Leicester uni, you should feel pretty chuffed right now, because Leicester University boasts one of the best medical schools in the country!


You might also be pleased to know that if you’re looking for med student accommodation, Leicester has in recent years undergone quite the transformation and some fantastic apartments and facilities have popped up in the most convenient of locations.

When at university, there’s nothing better than finding accommodation that’s near your campus for lectures and conveniently near to all the exciting things that are going on socially.

There’s no doubt that, whether it’s arts, culture or all-round entertainment you enjoy, there’s an awful lot of it to experience in this city. It’s also great to know that accommodation for Leicester medical professionals and those studying medicine is available that compliments such an acclaimed university. The recently built apartments in Queen Street are not only stunning apartments to view and rent, but they also have a great deal to offer, by way of location, excellent affordability, facilities and other benefits.

As well as being ideally placed on the Hospital Hopper bus route that travels between the county’s hospitals, the Leicester Queen Street apartments are an excellent location from which to enjoy a wealth of theatre, art and cultural experiences, not to mention all of the bars, cafes, entertainment and excitement that Leicester has to offer.

The Hospital Hopper bus link takes you between the three hospitals of Leicester, going along the major routes and including University Road, where Leicester University’s department of medicine is located. It also conveniently goes via the train station and the Queen Street apartments themselves are located a five minute walk from the station too.


The beautiful rented accommodation in Queen Street began life as a 19th century knitwear factory, which, following a smart and a sympathetic conversion, now offers a tasteful and incredibly convenient place to live while you study. The apartments also have a range of added benefits, including indoor heated pool, sauna and fitness centre, on-site car parking, maintenance and 24-hour security.

There’s really not much that these apartments don’t have to offer, so if you’re studying medicine and looking for accommodation in Leicester, you can’t go far wrong. Our prices fit every budget and taste, because we have a range of studio flats, one and two bedroom flats and galleried apartments available. Give us a call today to find out about our affordable rental prices for people studying medicine and medical professionals alike.


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