Renting in Leicester Means Access To Historic Parks - Queen Street Quarter

Renting in Leicester Means Access To Historic Parks

As a resident of a Queen Street Apartments in Leicester, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of its historic parks

If you need a little time away from the liveliness of modern life, Leicester’s historic parks offer the perfect opportunity to do so for the young professionals who’re taking advantage of the numerous one bedroom flats to rent in Leicester.

Abbey Park is widely considered to be the city’s premier park, situated one mile from the city centre (about 20 mins walk from Queen Street). The park features two distinctive areas, divided by the River Soar. The Victorian part of the park lies east of the river and is rich in evergreen shrubs, beautiful flower displays, trees and lakes – an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city.

map of abbey park to queen street apartments


To the west of the river lies the unique Abbey Grounds, featuring the ruins of the 12th century Leicester Abbey and Cavendish House, the 17th century mansion. There is plenty to do for the whole family, from the miniature railway to the pets’ corner, or simply taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Victoria Park began its life as Leicester’s racecourse, before the races were transferred to a new site in 1883. It features two beautiful war memorials, one commemorating the First World War, the other commemorating the American 82nd Airborne Division, who were based in Leicester prior to the D Day landings.

Map to victoria park from Queen Street apartments

Finally, Nelson Mandela Park was opened in 1986 in honour of the legendary civil rights leader. The park has become extremely popular amongst professional and amateur sportsmen alike. In fact, the Leicester Tigers Rugby Club used the park as their training ground before going professional, and in 2007, the Nelson Mandela Sports Day was held to celebrate the park’s 21st birthday.

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