The Benefits of Renting in Leicester - Queen Street Quarter

The Benefits of Renting in Leicester –

There are numerous benefits of renting in Leicester. Not only does Leicester offer numerous flats for young professionals, it also offers some of the UK’s best shopping.

Shopping is one of Leicester’s main attractions! As there are numerous flats for young professionals located either in or within walking distance of the city centre, it’s incredibly easy for those who make their home in Leicester to take advantage of that, whether that’s for their regular grocery shopping or hunting for something special.

Highcross Shopping Centre

We’d particularly recommend the Highcross Shopping Centre, which features a 12-screen cinema, a selection of restaurants for both snacking and fine dining, and more than 100 different shops, including Apple, House of Fraser, Debenhams and one of the flagship John Lewis stores. The restaurants include everything from Handmade Burger Co to Real China, Nando’s and Yo! Sushi, so whether you’re looking for a full meal or just a cup of coffee to recharge before getting back to your shopping, you’ll find something that’s ideal.

Despite the shopping centre itself being a relatively recent development (like many of the flats for young professionals), having been officially opened in 2008, Highcross has strong ties to Leicester’s rich history. Indeed, Highcross takes its name from the ‘high cross’ that stood at the centre of the original medieval town, located in what is now the modern high street. Incredibly, the efforts of Leicester University Archaeological Services have allowed priceless examples of Leicester’s history to co-exist alongside the shopping centre, providing a truly unique shopping experience.

There are offers and events on throughout the year, as well as special offers at many of the shops, so each visit could easily yield a pleasant surprise.

The Lanes, St. Martin’s Square and Silver Arcade

For those looking for something a little different, The Lanes, St. Martin’s Square and Silver Arcade offer a wide range of unusual boutique shops, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants, all located in one of the richest, most eclectic parts of historic Leicester. Over the years, everyone from Romans to Saxons, Normans, Tudors, Edwardians and Victorians have added their own unique touches to the area, making it a source of fascination for historians. Indeed, it was only in 1984 that the area became a centre of commerce, having previously served as everything from an orchard to pig pens to stables for the local church!

In keeping with the area’s quirky, diverse feel, buskers and street performers are a constant presence, allowing you to experience the best of Leicester – past and present – as you shop.

The Golden Mile

Contrary to popular belief, this stretch of Belgrave Road didn’t earn its name from the number of gold traders doing business there – it was actually named for the number of amber traffic lights along the road; a completely new concept at the time. The Golden Mile is quite possibly the closest you can get to an authentic Indian bazaar in the UK, with plenty of gourmet Indian food to enjoy as well as real sari shops and Indian-style jewellers.

The seasonal lights for Christmas and Diwali are an annual highlight, completely transforming the area and making it a focal point for the annual celebrations.

If you’re interested in flats for young professionals and all the other benefits of living in Leicester, call one of the team at Queen Street Apartments today on 0116 262 9222 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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