Professional Accommodation Leicester - Queen Street Quarter - Queen Street Quarter

Professional Accommodation Leicester – Queen Street Quarter

What Makes Queen Street Quarter The Place For Professionals?

Finding professional accommodation Leicester isn’t always easy. There are a few complexes out there marketed towards professional tenants, but they’re not always as great as they make out. Queen Street Quarter however are a breath of fresh air – they’re the ideal place for professionals to live thanks to the rich facilities on offer.

The facilities include 24 hour security systems ensuring your safety and the safety of your possessions at all times. The facilities also include Sky TV in every room, as well as broadband and bike storage. On offer in the apartment complex is also a heated swimming pool, a gym and fitness centre – and even a sauna! That’s pretty much everything you could wish for all under one roof. It’s no wonder so many professionals out there are raving about Queen Street Quarter, is it?

The Queen Street Quarter complex is in a prime location with easy access to the city centre of Leicester only a short journey away. Those professionals working inside Leicester can really benefit from renting within the Queen Street Quarter complex – it’ll mean much shorter commute times, which means you’ve got a whole lot more time to spend how you want – not stuck on a bus or train heading for the suburbs.

There are over 200 apartments and flats available for rent altogether across the two buildings that make up the Queen Street Quarter. That means there’s a lot of choice on offer – so no matter whether you’re looking for a relaxing, spacious apartment or you just want something more cosy, the chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Queen Street! All of the apartments are equipped with cookers, washing machines and all of the other essentials you’ll need to survive – you won’t have to fork out extra money to purchase them once you’ve moved in.

You’ll struggle to find high quality professional accommodation Leicester that’s better than the Queen Street Quarter – so make sure you check them out, today!

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