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Tips On Renting Flats In Leicester

Tips on Renting Flats In Leicester

Advice on renting in Leicester

Leicester is the biggest city in the East Midlands with much to offer – it’s a culturally diverse and vibrant university city and will appeal to people of all ages. As well as a thriving young population there is also a vast number of families, both young and maturing, who choose to settle here.

Because of the flourishing student population and the large number of young families it has an extremely buoyant rental market. If you are looking to rent in Leicester here are some useful tips on renting flats in Leicester. Things to know:


Firstly research the area. Is it an area you want to live in? Secondly research the property, is it secure? Is a place you would feel happy living in? Is the area suitable for your lifestyle? Look for reviews online, does the letting agent have any social interaction or comments and reviews in the social sphere?


Once you have decided the area is right for you, look around the chosen property, check carefully – Is it missing anything you need that should be standard inventory? Get a list together of vital requirements that you can take with you and check off as you look around

Ensure you are aware of all costs

Before you decide on choosing to live in your new flat ensure that you have covered all the costs, things to include are credit checks, application fees, what deposit is needed, an idea of the average utilities cost, rental fees, council tax, service charges and any other fees that may apply. Ensure you know the date that your rental direct debit is due to avoid missing payments.


Be prepared to provide references from previous landlords and details of past addresses, bank details and employment information

Tenants agreements/contracts

Make sure that you read these thoroughly and question anything you are not sure on. How long is the rental contract? Is it automatically renewed?

Inventory Lists/Photographs

Get a full agreed inventory list signed by the landlord or rental agent. If you feel that there is something that may hinder your deposit being returned take photographs and document any issues you find and email them to your agent so that you have a time and date.

Give Feedback/Reporting Problems

Giving feedback allows opportunity for improvement and for agents to listen to tenants. Ensure that any problems are reported or documented, remember if they don’t know they can’t fix it!

Moving Out

Make sure you read the tenancy agreement to find out how much notice is needed and write to your landlord telling them about moving. To ensure you get your deposit back leave the property in the same way you found it – clean and tidy!

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