John Noble - Leicester Torchbearer Visits Queen Street Quarter - Queen Street Quarter

John Noble – Leicester Torchbearer Visits Queen Street Quarter

On the 25th July, Queen Street Quarter were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of John Noble. John was an Olympic Torchbearer and ran along Queen Street as part of the Olympic Relay. After seeing his picture on our Facebook wall he popped in to say hello and bought one of the 8000 Olympic Torches to Queen Street to tell us his story…

John Noble running along Queen Street

John Noble -Torchbearer Leicester 2nd July 2012
John was born in Oban Scotland and joined Royal Mail at 18yrs old. In 1981 John moved down to Leicester where he has been on the same delivery for over 30 years. One of the many reasons his Wife nominated him for the Torch Relay was his dedication and devotion to his customers whom he thinks of as his friends.

John is 54 yrs young, and I say young because with John’s Work/Fitness regime and his outlook on life you would believe John to be at least 10 years younger than he actually is. John has such a wonderful outlook on life that nothing gets him down and he tries to inspire everyone he meets to have the same outlook on life as he does.
John has been running since he was 5 years old and has not stopped since. As a young school boy he was running in sponsored charity events and this has continued with the runs he now does for charities, e.g. the 3 peaks challenge for Rainbows and the Corporate Relay for LOROS.

When John found out he was carrying the torch on Queen St in Leicester he was really excited as it was so close to his work location, Campbell St Delivery Office. Since being nominated John has not stopped smiling and I do not think anyone who saw him carrying the torch on the 2nd July on Queen St would disagree, he had the biggest smile on his face from the Mercury Building all the way down Queen St, past the Curve onto Rutland St. With all the photos he has had taken since that day with charity photo shoots I am surprised his jaws haven’t locked in place.

‘Carrying the Olympic Torch has been the proudest moment of my life’ said John who also carried the torch in the Queen’s Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games. He said ‘I though that was a special honour but this has definitely been the pinnacle of everything that I have done and achieved’.

John was selected by one of the Olympic Sponsors Coca Cola, who have been fantastic with their encouraging emails and wonderful gifts. Coca Cola supplied a banner cheering kit for his family to cheer him on when he ran, (proudly held aloft by his two daughters on Queen St), they purchased the torch for him to keep, which has allowed him to help all the schools and charities, and they paid for his official photograph.

Since carrying the torch John has not stopped visiting local schools, events and charities within the Leicestershire and Warwickshire area. I think he is actually relieved that the schools have now broken up for the summer so he can have a rest!

John still keeps asking why he was selected to carry the torch after reading other peoples nomination stories. We have to keep reminding him it is not always about how much money you raise or what story you have to tell but about WHO you are and WHAT you inspire in others.
And that is who and what John is, Happy, Dedicated and will NEVER STOP.

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