Olympic Torch Coming To Leicester – Leicester Torch Relay - Queen Street Quarter

Olympic Torch Coming To Leicester – Leicester Torch Relay

The origins of the Olympic torch relay date back to 1936 when it was introduced at the Berlin Olympics. The torch was lit in Greece and arrived in the UK at Lands End on the 18th May before beginning a 70 day torch relay throughout the UK. Incredibly on the planned route the torch will pass within 1 hour of 95% of people in the UK!!

At approximately 6.20pm on 02nd July the torch relay will be coming along Queen Street passing Queen Street Apartments. We are running a contest to see which resident can take the best photo, this photo will be used in our news section and the winner will receive a prize for their photograph we use. For more information see our Facebook page.

The following people have the honour of being the torchbearers in Leicester:

Bhasker Solanki Age: 52 Hometown: Leicester
Phil Fuller Age: 20 Hometown: Leicester
Kenny Egan Age: 36 Hometown: Cambridge
Charlie Murgatroyd Age: 13 Hometown: Leicester
Roland Schilling Age: 50 Hometown: London
Kerry Horner Age: 36 Hometown: Leicester
Lucy Davies Age: 20 Hometown: Leicester
Sian Lockwood Age: 38 Hometown: Lichfield
Neville Maggs Age: 70 Hometown: Leicester (Featured Torchbearer)
John Noble Age: 54 Hometown: Leicester
Belinda Halilaj Age: 50 Hometown: Leicester
Haresh Selvaskandan Age: 22 Hometown: Leicester
Aarti Thobhani Age: 26 Hometown: Leicester
Maria Morgan Age: 52 Hometown: Leicester (Featured Torchbearer)
Steph Carver Age: 16 Hometown: Long Eaton, Nottingham

We are expecting a great turnout throughout Leicester with thousands getting behind the relay team and showing their support. After the torch has been through the cultural quarter and made its way to Abbey Park the celebration cauldron will be lit by the final torch bearer. At 4pm the Olympic Torch relay celebrations begin at Abbey Park with music and circus troupes. This event is a ticket only.

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